CRCID Update (March 1 2014)

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As of June 28, 2013 the current CRCID office was closed.  The new contact information is provided below.  The primary reasons for closing the office are:

  1. Expiration of 3-year lease; and,
  2. Cut overhead costs during a period of fiscal uncertainty.

CRCID is NOT, I repeat NOT, out of business!!!

The work of CRCID will continue as it completes the two CIDA agreements by August 2013.  The staff (E/D Kevin Webb and Program Officer Morgan Shortt) will be working from our home offices during this period.  Also, the staff will be drafting the CIDA proposal getting it as close as possible to “submission ready” before September 2013.  There is a fairly strong possibility that CIDA will shortly be issuing a Call for Proposals but a date has not yet been publicized.       
CRCID has 2 priorities moving forward beyond the current CIDA agreements:

  1. Identify additional sources of revenue to reduce CRCID’s dependence on CIDA; and,
  2. Make CRCID relevant once again to all Canadian Rotary clubs.

CRCID NEW Contact Information
Address:          611 Wonderland Rd. N., Ste. 313
London, ON
N6H 5N7

Phone:                 (519) 473-3271 (Kevin’s home number)
Fax:                        None at this time

Email:                    kwebb@crcid.org

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